About us


Many benefits for you!

Bikelife live your passion was created in order to promote territory by means of bike tourism and trekking, as efficient elements and instruments (vehicles) for knowledge and territory promotion. It is very nice and funny for you to spend your spare time riding the bike or walking, in this way you can do exercise and in good company and you can also socialize with other people. Immersing yourself in nature you can discover how beautiful is our territory, visiting natural, cultural and artistic sites. You can also come across with the inhabitants of these places and other excursionists and taste the local products. It will be a pleasant experience for everybody after having dissolved a little '"rust" and for sportsperson is a great challenge to extend their tracks and improve altimetries.

These are (but if you want many others), the "elements" that give personal pleasure and then "passion" in playing, at all levels, this kind of activities that BIKELIFE obviously promote in order to entice people who have not tried it yet. People who, discovering the bicycle and hiking for pleasure, can use them as everyday means of transport. Moreover it is (or would be) in the interests of all economic operators that can "intercept" this flow of tourists highlighting these issues for their marketing. The real reason that moves BIKELIFE to propose, promote, and obviously to practice cycling and hiking is not only economical, nor for pure passion (because in the latter case, it would be limited only to practice it, as many other sports associations do).

For BIKELIFE travelling by bicycle and walking are forms of ecotourism for several reasons, ranging from the use of "eco-friendly vehicles", to the poor (or no) impact on the environment in terms of congestion and infrastructure. The slow tourism allows to cross territory appreciating and enhancing its environmental and cultural resources. There is the possibility to appreciate the entire country, because a bike trail or walking does not cut off those places usually neglected, that instead have many small "treasures" to offer the traveller.

The provision of bicycle and pedestrian paths often enables the recovery and the enhancement of territories or areas of outstanding natural, scenic and cultural beauty, and allows a direct knowledge that otherwise would be impossible harmful and anti-ecological using other "means of transport".