The region of the Heart!

In the region of Plateaus, from Piana delle Cinque Miglia up to Piana delle Rocche and Piana di Campo Imperatore before descending towards the Adriatic Sea. 

Departure: 03/08 Duration: 7D/ 6N

Tasting Abruzzo a tour dedicated to bike, fine wine and food lovers! Guests can leaf through the menu of our tour, discovering places and flavors of the lands of Abruzzo, pedaling at a slow pace.

Departure: 30/8 5/10 8/11 Duration: 5D/4N

Abruzzo by bike between the mountains and the sea. From the inland to the coast, to discover the hidden beauty of parks, proctected areas, plains, ascents.. There's something to suit everybody's pedals!

Departure: 18/08 Duration: 8D/7N

Pettorano sul Gizio, Scanno, Villalago, Bugnara, Introdacqua...we could also call this "the tour of most beautiful old villages in Italy".

Departure: 11/8 Duration: 3D/2N

Travelling along the countryside, the hills and mountains of Abruzzo on board of a Bike-Train. A fun outing to do with the family and an experience to do with friends and even solo.

Departure: 21/7 Duration: 7 D / 6 N

Pedalling and having a cycling holiday has never been so easy! With Emotion, the e-bike tour, you can enjoy a wonderful experience, while discovering the history of Abruzzo.

Departure: 27/8 -22/9 Duration: 6 D/ 5 N

We get to know the Plain of Navelli pedalling along its tracks and paths!

Departure: 27/10 Duration: 3 d/ 2n

Discovering Abruzzo on a Vespa and a bike for a tour on two icons of the Made in Italy!

Departure: On request Duration: 4 D / 3 N

Travelling by bike along the Adriatic coast of Trabocchi from Ortona to Vasto / San Salvo, riding on the old railway track in tunnels and marine nature reserves.

Departure: On request Duration: 4 D / 3 N

Cycling Weekend into the National Park Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga.

Departure: On request Duration: 3 d/ 2n

The Tratturo is a wide grassy, stony path or dirt road originated by the pounding passage of the herds. From Abruzzo start all five Regi Tratturi. In collaboration with THE STREETS OF TRATTURI. UNESCO nomination in 2015.

Departure: On request Duration: 7 D/6 N

It's the park of the "Mother Mountain" of Abruzzo, a sacred mountain, located in the wildest area of the Central Apennines, pervaded by monumental nature, beloved by the Pope Celestine V.

Departure: On request Duration: 8 D/7 N

The National park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga, one of the largest and most precious protected areas in Europe where nature and culture live together!

Departure: On request Duration: 6 D/5 N

A weekend bike tour into the Regional Park Sirente Velino and Subequana Valley, between history and mystery!

Departure: On request Duration: 4 D / 3 N

A beautiful ride along the coast! We cycle on the riviera starting from Martinsicuro to San Salvo enjoying a spectacular and unusual view across natural and untouched paths on the coast .

Departure: 11/8/2017 Duration: 5 D/4 N

If you love wine as much as you love cycling don't miss this bike tour and its tastings of Montepulciano and Trebbiano with wine makers in the most famous Abruzzo vineyards.

Departure: 15/9 1/11 Duration: 5 D/4 N

Abruzzo: the place where you feel the atmosphere of past times through the heritage of great monuments, culture, and traditions that pay testament to the wealth history that has passed along this territories.

Departure: On request Duration: 5 D/4 N
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This tour suits to cyclists who want to discover history and culture of the villages and heritage town of Abruzzo pedaling along the way which links these places, passing different provinces of the region.

Departure: On request Duration: 5 D/4 N