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Legislative Sources
The contract is governed by the following legal provisions and from the Directive 90/314 EEC, as implemented by Legislative Decree no. 111 of 17 March 1995 and of the Brussels Convention of 20 April 1970 on contracts for the Journey (CCV), ratified by Law of 29 December 1977, no. 1084
Travel contracts of these programs are regulated by the art. 10 of Law 1084 of December 27, 1977, The liability of the trip Organizer can not exceed the limits provided by law cited, in any case.

Booking and payment
At the time of booking must be paid a deposit equal to 30% of the participation fee; the balance must be paid 15 days prior to departure. For bookings made within 15 days prior to the date of departure, the full amount must be paid at time of registration.
Tours and travels directly organized , consider a general price that covers the costs the agency had for analysis, studies and surveys in the planning stage of these trips; we tend to select accommodation , places and events that are of outside the traditional circuits of mass tourism .
Acceptance of the booking by the T.O. BIKELIFE ACTIVE HOLIDAY is subject to the availability of places. The reservation is considered complete at the time of confirmation by the T.O. BIKELIFE ACTIVE HOLIDAY. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip if the minimum group size required in each tourist package it is not reached, and provide to inform the traveler in writing at least 7 days notice of the scheduled date of travel beginning.
The form ONLINE must be filled individually by each participant , while the fee can be paid with a single payment for most people , referring to the group or individual names. The acceptance of the booking is completed with the conclusion of the TOUR contract of sale, just after the bank credit and only after our confirmation of booking , sending by email .

In terms of booking remember to indicate the following information:

Bank Account Payable to:

Bikelife di Claudio Di Dionisio
Bank: INTESA / SAN PAOLO, filiale di Francavilla al Mare (CH)
IBAN: IT27V0306977691100000002787

Withdrawal from the travel contract or stay
In case of renunciation to the services booked will be apply the following penalties in addition to fees and expenses incurred for the cancellation of these services, as consideration for the withdrawal to ex Art. 1373, the third paragraph of the Civil Code, as referred to below (the calculation of the days does not include that of the withdrawal and refers only to working days, excluding Saturday):
10% of the total amount for cancellations made from 59 to 30 days before departure;
25% of the total amount for cancellations made from 29 to 21 days before departure;
50% of the total amount for cancellations made from 20 to 11 days before departure;
75% of the total amount for cancellations made from 10 to 3 days before departure;
100% of the total amount for cancellations made after the above deadlines;
no refund will be granted to those who are not present at the moment of the departure, and/ or withdraw during the course of the trip.
The same penalties will apply to those who could not make the trip due to the lack of expected personal and travel documents.

Withdrawal without penalty
The traveler can withdraw from the travel contract without penalty in the event of a significant change from the T.O. BIKELIFE ACTIVE HOLIDAY of one of the essential elements of the contract, namely: increasing the price of the package over 10%, slipping of the departure date more than 48 hours, changing in the hotel category. In this case, the traveler will be required to notify within 48 hours from the receipt of the notice of variation whether she/he intends to exercise the right of withdrawal or if intends to accept the change.

Transfer of booking
If the traveler is unable to benefit of the booked trip, he may transfer his booking - after informing the T.O. BIKELIFE ACTIVE HOLIDAY with at least 10 days notice of the date fixed for the departure - to a person who satisfies all the conditions required for the trip. However, the T.O. BIKELIFE ACTIVE HOLIDAY will not be responsible for any failure in the acceptance of the new name by the third part service providers. The traveler transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for payment of the balance due and for any additional costs arising from such transfer.

Trip cancellation by the organization
Pursuant to art. 10 of Law 1084 of December 27, 1977, ratifying and implementing the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV) signed in Brussels on 04.23.70, the Dir. 90/314/EEC and the D.L. 17.03.95 n. 111 implementing Directive 90/314/EEC on package travel, package holidays and package tours,'' all inclusive'', the organizing agency reserves for itself the right to cancel the contract, in whole or in part, without compensation and without further obligation that the refund of the amount paid:

a) in exceptional circumstances
Such are the cases of strikes, weather conditions, natural disasters, wars, civil and military unrest, acts of terrorism, riots, constitutuing force majeure cases they are not attributable to carriers and Bikelife and to Bellandare the technical direction of travel, they can not be held accountable least of all for services such as loss of use of the services due to air, sea and land delays.

b) if the number of travelers has not been reached, the traveler will have a voucher of the same value of the amount paid, to be spent in accordance with terms and conditions established by the agency. In case of cancellation of the trip in progress, will be taken all the necessary measures in the interest of the traveler and the parties shall be mutually compensated in equal measure. In case of just stay in hotel or apartment, there is no minimum number of travelers. If the hotel or apartment confirmed is not available for unforeseeable reasons at the time of the Customer inscription, we will provide an equivalent accommodation, of equal or greater value.

The luggage travel under the direct supervision and responsibility of the owner and the organization can not be liable for any loss or damage of the same, in any case. Carriers are liable for the travelers only for the duration of travels with their own means of transport, in accordance with the terms provided for them in their conditions of carriage.

In case of any complaints about the services received, the customer is asked to immediately contact the organization so that there is a conclusive finding about the inconvenience complained and will have the opportunity to remove it promptly. Complaints will only be accepted if submitted within 24 hours from the time problem occurred. Any late claim or complaint presented after the end of the stay will be valid as simple warnining.

In case of any dispute will be settled by the Court of Chieti.